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Praise and Worship: Heaven's Truth Revealed CD

"I own this teaching series and it is an excellent work. I've known phil all of my life and he is a personal friend of mine. Driscoll has taken his 35plus years of praise and worship study and has put it in a comprehensive 2 cd set including both teaching and live power filled music from over his decades of making music for Jesus Christ. It is full of wisdom for any level of believer and requires the listener to play it over and over again to both receive the contents and have it take root in their life as they walk with The Lord as true worshipers."


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Heaven's Truth Revealed: CD
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Praise & Worship — Heaven's Truth Revealed. (2-CD Set) Exclusive! These unique praise and worship CDs include two powerful messages, songs and trumpet playing.

The Force of Praise (CD 1) is Phil's teaching on the law of praise.

Worship: The Currency of Heaven (CD 2) is Phil's teaching about worship from the Book of Psalms.

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Heaven's Truth Revealed (Digital Copy)

Phil Driscoll

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In these two anointed CD teachings, Phil shares what God has revealed to him regarding praise and worship. Included throughout the teachings are songs written by Phil, which will empower you to experience the power of praise and worship.

CD 1: The Force of Praise

CD 2: Worship: The Currency of Heaven

(This is a digital copy)

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