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New Release! Phil Driscoll Lifeworks Collection: Digital
  • New Release! Phil Driscoll Lifeworks Collection: Digital
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Now you can own Phil Driscoll’s entire collection of his life works! Every CD he’s ever made comes to you on a USB thumb drive for you to download onto your device. The collections includes: A Different Man, Classic Hymns: Collectors Edition 2 CD Set, Covenant Children, Drops of Praise, Here and Now, In His Presence, I Exalt Thee 1998, Inner Man, Instrument of Praise, Jesus Paid It All, Live Praise and Worship, Live! With Friends, Let Your Love Shine: Columbine Performance, Make Us One, One Nation Under God, Plugged In, Power of Praise, Selah: Volumes 1 & 2, Shine the Light, Simple Song, Spirit of America, Sound the Trumpet, The Picture Changes, The Quiet, Warriors Songs in the Key of Worship

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A Touch of Trumpet: CD
  • A Touch of Trumpet: CD
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Released in 1969 through Word Records, and formerly only available on LP, this vintage classic from Phil Driscoll is now available on CD! A Touch of Trumpet was Phil’s first instrumental album — recorded at the young age of 19. Once only available on vinyl, after many years and records later, it is finally available again, remastered for all to enjoy.

  1. All My Life (Carmichael) 2:41
  2. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder (Black-Kaiser) 2:16t
  3. Overshadowed (Schuler) 2:21
  4. My Friend And I (Carmichael) 3:09
  5. Sound The Battle Cry (Sherwin-Kaiser) 1:54
  6. When The Saints Go Marching In (Trad.-Kaiser) 1:58
  7. Old Time Religion (Trad.-Kaiser) 2:55
  8. Savior Like A Shepherd Lead Us (Bradbury-Kaiser) 2:02
  9. Jesus Loves Me (Bliss-Kaiser) 1:48
  10. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Trad.-Kaiser) 2:40
  11. Amazing Grace (Newton-Kaiser) 2:43
  12. Day Is Dying In The West (Lathbury-Kaiser) 2:41

Bonus Tracks - Previously Unreleased:

  1. Jesus Loves Me (Variation) 1:07
  2. When We All Get To Heaven 1:44
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A Different Man
  • A Different Man
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This insightful collection is the perfect soundtrack for anyone struggling with a decision. "Can God? God Can!"... "Christ Remains"... "Every Time I Say Yes"... "Love Won′t Let Me"... Eleven songs of hope from one who knows, firsthand, how to choose, change, and become... A Different Man.

  1. Road to Jerusalem
  2. A Different Man
  3. Everytime I Say Yes
  4. Can God, God Can!
  5. Walk With Me Jesus
  6. Place In My Heart
  7. Christ Remains
  8. The Long and Winding Road
  9. Love Won't Let Me
  10. The Time of Your Life
  11. The Lights of the City
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A Muscle Shoals Christmas: CD
  • A Muscle Shoals Christmas: CD
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I have recorded in most every major geographical location where great studios are found. Each location has its own indigenous sound. Some of my favorite music of all time was recorded in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and some of my favorite players are there. In my opinion,It is the capital of rhythm ‘n’ blues and rock ‘n’ roll.

I am excited to bring to you “A Muscle Shoals Christmas”. It captures some of my favorite styles of all time.

  1. Blue Side
  2. A Star Is Born
  3. Christmas In Dixie
  4. Christmas In My Hometown
  5. Halfway House
  6. Please Come Home
  7. White Christmas
  8. Blue Christmas
  9. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  10. Hands Of A Carpenter
  11. Angels Among Us
  12. Bleek Mid Winter
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Classic Hymns: Collectors Edition 2 CD Set
  • Classic Hymns: Collectors Edition 2 CD Set
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New songs of praise and worship are composed everyday, but it is important that we don't forget our roots. Hymns are our heritage. Listen to the old songs a whole new way, as Phil and London's National Philharmonic Orchestra blend on such standards as Faith Of Our Fathers and A Mighty Fortress Is Our God. Hymns are not only our roots, they're classics that keep us rooted. This two volume, 20 track collection is a must for every Christian home.

  1. A Mighty Fortress is Our God - Classic Hymns I
  2. Crown Him with Many Crowns - Classic Hymns I
  3. The Cross Suite - Classic Hymns I
  4. Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee - Classic Hymns I
  5. Near to the Heart of God - Classic Hymns I
  6. This is My Father's World - Classic Hymns I
  7. Faith of Our Fathers - Classic Hymns I
  8. O Sacred Head Now Wounded - Classic Hymns I
  9. In the Garden - Classic Hymns I
  10. We Shall See His Lovely Face - Classic Hymns I
  11. Fairest Lord Jesus - Classic Hymns II
  12. As a Deer - Classic Hymns II
  13. I Am Thine - Classic Hymns II
  14. Great is Thy Faithfulness - Classic Hymns II
  15. The Master Has Come - Classic Hymns II
  16. God of Our Fathers - Classic Hymns II
  17. To God be the Glory - Classic Hymns II
  18. I'd Rather Have Jesus - Classic Hymns II
  19. It is Well - Classic Hymns II
  20. Beyond the Sunset - Classic Hymns II
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Covenant Children
  • Covenant Children
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This collection of classic Driscoll spans the musical spectrum from such praise anthems as "Blow The Trumpet In Zion" to intimate, introspective ballads such as "I'll Be There". For those who know the importance of setting the proper atmosphere for worship, this CD is a must.

  1. Sing a New Song
  2. The Spirit
  3. Blow the Trumpet in Zion
  4. Covenant Children
  5. He Will Deliver
  6. Perfect Peace
  7. World Overcomer
  8. I'll be There
  9. In the Beginning
  10. Awake My Captain
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Drops of Praise
  • Drops of Praise
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  1. True Love Cannot Hide
  2. Capital J
  3. I Will Dance
  4. Beautiful
  5. Lord I Give You My Heart
  6. Drops of Praise
  7. Love Unchangin'
  8. Salvation Guaranteed
  9. Nothing But the Blood
  10. Dance With You
  11. Here I Am to Worship
  12. You're Every Breathe I Take
  13. You Deserve the Glory
  14. Just as I Am (Intro by My Father)
  15. Great Reward
  16. There's Something Within Me (Intro by My Father)
  17. Beyond the Sunset
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Here and Now
  • Here and Now
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  1. Oh Lord You've Been So Good
  2. Here and Now
  3. As He Is
  4. It's Time For Your Glory
  5. Surrounded
  6. Because of Who You Are
  7. Eagle Bird
  8. Zion is Calling Me
  9. You Have Made Me Glad
  10. Jesus You Are My Everything
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In His Presence
  • In His Presence
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From conception to CD this music is truly anointed. Phil, along with a select cast of talented, genuinely God-directed musicians combine their abilities and stir up the air with tangible waves of praise. The result is a collection of words and music that will carry you into... His Presence.

  1. New Sound
  2. Shine In Me
  3. Glorious and Wonderful
  4. Oh Lord How Majestic
  5. God is a Good God
  6. Glorify
  7. I Will Arise
  8. In Your Presence
  9. To Be holy
  10. To Your Majesty
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I Exalt Thee 1998
  • I Exalt Thee 1998
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The original 1983 recording was an anointed collection of classic worship-filled music. But this re-mixed, re-mastered release breaks all the sound barriers, enabling all who hear it to get a little closer to that ultimate goal of perfect praise.

  1. New Sound
  2. Shine In Me
  3. Glorious and Wonderful
  4. Oh Lord How Majestic
  5. God is a Good God
  6. Glorify
  7. I Will Arise
  8. In Your Presence
  9. To Be holy
  10. To Your Majesty
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Inner Man
  • Inner Man
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Set to the rhythm of a different way of living, Phil Driscoll communicates the outward goals of the transformed Inner Man.

  1. Gotta Serve Somebody
  2. Takin' It to the Streets
  3. I'll Take You There
  4. Soldier
  5. A Higher Way
  6. Inner Man
  7. Only One True God
  8. Go Tell It on the Mountain
  9. Jesus Is the Rock
  10. Highway to Heaven
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Instrument of Praise
  • Instrument of Praise
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Using three fingers and a blast of air Phil Driscoll turns a twisted hunk of brass into an unforgettable... Instrument of Praise.

  1. Great Is the Lord
  2. How Great Thou Art
  3. Oh Come, Let Us Sing
  4. A Higher Plane (Holy Ground)
  5. Cornerstone (I Lay in Zion)
  6. How Majestic Is Your Name (King of My Heart)
  7. I've Just Seen Jesus
  8. The Mighty One of Israel
  9. My Tribute (To God Be the Glory)
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Jesus Paid It All
  • Jesus Paid It All
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Inspired by the motion picture The Passion of The Christ, this compilation musically details the 12 dramatic hours that changed the course of history. Relive the day the world was reborn. Let the words and music take you there.

  1. Jesus Paid It All
  2. Father Forgive Them
  3. The Cross Suite
  4. Christ Remains
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Live Praise and Worship
  • Live Praise and Worship
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  1. Amazing Grace
  2. I Can Feel Your Love
  3. I Exalt Thee (Worthy to be Praised)
  4. Holy Holy Holy
  5. Hosanna
  6. Let Your Power Fall
  7. Shadow of the Almighty
  8. I Love You Lord
  9. You Are So Beautiful
  10. All Glory All Honor
  11. I'll Be Ridin' With Him
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Live! With Friends
  • Live! With Friends
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  1. Shout
  2. Unbeatable Spirit
  3. You're All I Need to Get By
  4. Bridge Over Troubled Water
  5. Place in My Heart
  6. His Eye Is on the Sparrow
  7. Let Your Power Fall
  8. Gotta Serve Somebody
  9. You Are So Beautiful
  10. The Greatest Love
  11. Make Us One
  12. The Lights of the City
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Make Us One
  • Make Us One
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  1. Make Us One
  2. I'll Be Riding With Him
  3. I Can Feel Your Love
  4. They That Wait on the Lord
  5. Cool Rain
  6. Trumpet in a Heavenly Band
  7. All Around the World
  8. Standin' in the Shadow
  9. Holy, Holy, Holy
  10. The Magnificat
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One Nation Under God
  • One Nation Under God
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Phil Driscoll makes beloved songs about our GREAT NATION more meaningful than ever with a fresh POWERFUL ANOINTING. His gift of music and the heartfelt narration adds an outstanding and moving personal touch! Phil Driscoll was called to the nation's foremost interconnected, high bandwidth television studio in Washington, D.C to share the vision of releasing a Godly sound over our nation! A Christian business woman had moved to Washington and had received the vision of obtaining a state of the art communications facility to broadcast God's message from the world's seat of power. Cheryl Reagan and her Grace News Network joined forces with Phil Driscoll and a team of anointed artists to create One Nation Under God. This music you will hear flows in a spontaneous, uncharted musical expression that is filled with God's Presence. Now you can relive this powerful music, changed by God's anointing, ...and be aware that God is our strength even in perilous times! This music delivers the message that we are ONE NATION UNDER GOD!

  1. Star Spangled Banner
  2. Land of the Free
  3. My Country Tis of Thee With Narration
  4. America the Beautiful With Narration
  5. God of Our Fathers With Narration
  6. Soldier With Narration
  7. My Country Tis of Thee (Featuring Billy Preston)
  8. A Battle Hymn With Narration
  9. Reflections
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Plugged In
  • Plugged In
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Phil has done it again! Just when you thought he couldn't get any better, he has. A fun, innovative and thoughtful album, Plugged In will smoke up your CD player with Phil's distinctive vocals and out-of this world, world-class trumpet playing. An upbeat, bluesy-contemporary offering that will get your toes tapping and get you to sing along in spite of yourself.

Phil's cover of "My Father's Eyes" offers a swaying guitar and a soulful vocal that should make Eric Clapton sit up and take notice. Phil Driscoll fans, take notice--this one's breaking new ground, and having a lot of fun doing it. 1. Forever Ever Land 2. Jesus Be My Friend
3. The Best Thing That Ever Happened To 4. My Father's Eyes 5. On My Way Home
6. Light Out of Darkness 7. Can You Feel It
8. To Get By 9. Shelter 10. I Love the Lord 11. On the Other Side
12. When He Returns

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Power of Praise
  • Power of Praise
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  1. All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name
  2. He's Alive Again
  3. Jesus I Love You
  4. Worthy is the Lamb
  5. Doxology
  6. Messiah
  7. People of God
  8. I Will Celebrate
  9. Every Knee Shall Bow
  10. Fallin' in Love With You
  11. The Rest of My Days
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Selah: Volumes 1 & 2
  • Selah: Volumes 1 & 2
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2 CD Set. Original improvisations of the Holy scriptures.

  1. Psalms Prelude - Selah I
  2. Psalms 77 - Selah I
  3. The Vision: A Song of Worship - Selah I
  4. Psalms 19 - Selah I
  5. Psalms 119:54 - Selah I
  6. I John 3:21-24 - Selah I
  7. Let Your Power Fall (Prelude) - Selah II
  8. Matthew 5: 1-12 (The Beatitudes) - Selah II
  9. Psalms 148: 1-3, 14, 149:1 (Sing a New Song) - Selah II
  10. Psalms 91 (Shaddai's Shadow) - Selah II
  11. Psalms 34: 7-9 (Justo's Song) - Selah II
  12. Jesus, Jesus - Selah II
  13. Something About That Name - Selah II
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Shine the Light
  • Shine the Light
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  1. God Loves Alabama
  2. Lookin' for a Lover
  3. Overnight Sensation
  4. I Believe in You
  5. The Greatest Love
  6. Shine the Light
  7. Rosanna
  8. Downtown Del Rio
  9. 2000 Years Ahead of His Time
  10. Soul Inspiration
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