One Nation Under God
  • One Nation Under God
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Phil Driscoll makes beloved songs about our GREAT NATION more meaningful than ever with a fresh POWERFUL ANOINTING. His gift of music and the heartfelt narration adds an outstanding and moving personal touch! Phil Driscoll was called to the nation's foremost interconnected, high bandwidth television studio in Washington, D.C to share the vision of releasing a Godly sound over our nation! A Christian business woman had moved to Washington and had received the vision of obtaining a state of the art communications facility to broadcast God's message from the world's seat of power. Cheryl Reagan and her Grace News Network joined forces with Phil Driscoll and a team of anointed artists to create One Nation Under God. This music you will hear flows in a spontaneous, uncharted musical expression that is filled with God's Presence. Now you can relive this powerful music, changed by God's anointing, ...and be aware that God is our strength even in perilous times! This music delivers the message that we are ONE NATION UNDER GOD!

  1. Star Spangled Banner
  2. Land of the Free
  3. My Country Tis of Thee With Narration
  4. America the Beautiful With Narration
  5. God of Our Fathers With Narration
  6. Soldier With Narration
  7. My Country Tis of Thee (Featuring Billy Preston)
  8. A Battle Hymn With Narration
  9. Reflections
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