Spirit of America
  • Spirit of America


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Spirit of America is like a walk back to the America of years past. Great classics which helped Americans throught the toughest of times are all here like "America the Beautiful" and "Battle Hymn of the Republic". God and Country are also represented here with "We are His People" and "God of Our Fathers". This patriotic CD also includes timely new songs like "Soldier" and "Salute". This CD is a powerful journey through America's history and will spark in you the true Spirit of America.

  1. The Star Spangled Banner
  2. America the Beautiful
  3. We Are His People
  4. The Land of the Free
  5. Celebrate Freedom
  6. Salute
  7. Soldier
  8. Statue of Liberty
  9. America
  10. E Pluribus Unum
  11. God of Our Fathers
  12. Battle Hymn
  13. High Flight
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